cncKad is the only system that integrates CAD/CAM capabilities in the same module. Geometry, dimensions, and technology (punching/cutting) are completely associative; when you modify the geometry, cncKad automatically updates the dimensions and punching or cutting definitions.

More than 1300 different machine models from over 160 manufacturers have been driven by cncKad to date, and more are added as needed. This powerful solution also ports parts from one technology or machine type to another, such as from punch to laser.

cncKad, with a modular and responsive ribbon interface, features these advanced technologies:

Importing file types including DXF and DWG
Part handling
Material based cutting tables
Common line cutting
WireJoint and MicroJoint positioning
Tool path optimization
Estimation data
Tube cutting, simulated in 3D
Support for laser/ plasma/ punch/ shear/ coil/ busbar/ water/ combination machine types

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