FARO® SCENE Software For intuitive, efficient 3D point cloud capture, processing and registration featuring Interactive Registration and Hybrid Registration
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SCENE Features
Seamless Connectivity
Use the scanning data across the FARO software ecosystem. Convert scan data into usable CAD/BIM workflows with FARO As-Built™ Software. Ensure construction quality control with BuildIT Construction Software. And reconstruct, analyze and diagram forensic scenes with FARO Zone 3D Software.
Immersive Views
Explore scan data in 2D, 3D and VR, creating an immersive experience when viewing project point clouds of unlimited size in full detail.
Superior Navigation
Navigate in 3D with predefined or customized viewpoints, overview map and user feedback to optimize the data render quality and performance.
Interactive Registration
Use interactive registration to gain a real-time visual understanding of how SCENE “stitches” point clouds together. Connect the dots (scans) like never before and use manual tools to eliminate erroneous linkages, leading to cleaner data and better final results.
Efficient Data Processing
Use various tools for scan data filtering to improve cleanliness and color balancing.
Hybrid Registration
Use hybrid registration to enable faster registration thanks to a new scan optimizer, improving registration accuracy.
Automatic Search
Search for artificial spheres, checkerboards, coded markers or natural references (corner points and planes, etc.).
Intuitive Data Organization
Handle large projects efficiently with a hierarchical data structure and project history management.
Automatic Scan Coloring
Color scans from high-resolution color photographs or the Laser-HDRTM color option.
Sphere XG Integration
Upload projects with the Sphere XG service.
SCENE 2go App
Access the app from a USB flash drive for sharing projects with clients for data exploration.
Advanced Expert Tools
Advanced tools enable experienced surveyors to fine-tune SCENE’s registration parameters.