QPS Qimera: Multibeam Data Processing Software

Qimera aims to make hydrographic data processing as intuitive and as simple as possible, while still offering powerful capabilities to those that need them, without cluttering the workflow for those that don’t.

Covers all major manufacturers for any survey platform, including surface vessels, ROV, AUV, and ASV.

Includes editing, filtering, and cleaning for a wide variety of point cloud formats.

Rich data extraction allows for a “hands-off” data import and automatically generated vessel files.

Automated suggestions of the next logical user action, to guide personnel and eliminate human error.

Intelligent processing management to ensure the correct sequence of post-processing actions with a single click.

“Hands-off” near-real time data processing and gridding.

Add-on for fast, accurate water-column processing for QINSy DB, Kongsberg ALL and KMALL, and Reson/Norbit S7K formats.

Add-on for seabed backscatter processing and mosaicking via Fledermaus Geocoder Toolbox.

Hydrographic data processing

Transcribing vessel configurations

Processing, analysing and visualising multibeam echosounder data

Processing of sonar data

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