ESPRIT EDGE is the evolution of ESPRIT TNG, combining the DNA of EDGECAM and ESPRIT that offers significant benefits for CNC machine tool programming, including improved efficiency, precision, and automation in the manufacturing process.

ESPRIT SolidMill® is a full-spectrum suite of milling cycles for facing, roughing, contouring and finishing, and hole making. With ESPRIT’s Modeless Programming™, these cycles are universally available on any class of CNC machine: vertical, horizontal, and gantry mills, millturn, and lathes — including Swiss-type. With SolidMill cycles, quickly generate efficient milling toolpaths while keeping extensive control over the movements of the cutting tool, supporting unique requirements of individual parts. Automatic calculation of the stock allows the system to generate efficient toolpaths while avoiding tool breakage and collisions. Machine-optimized G-code uses the advanced functions of the CNC, such as helical and polar interpolation, high-speed and high-precision options, and the machine’s built-in canned cycles.

In short, SolidMill:

Is a full-spectrum suite of milling cycles universally available for any class of CNC machine
Quickly generates toolpath with extensive control to support the unique requirements of each part
Produces edit-free, machine-optimized G-code

SolidTurn is a suite of turning and part handling cycles available for use on any class of CNC lathe, mill, or millturn machine. Use ESPRIT’s Modeless Programming to combine turning cycles with any of ESPRIT’s other machining and inspection cycles to create one complete process with machine-optimized, edit-free G-code. As a full-spectrum solution, SolidTurn quickly produces efficient rough and finish toolpaths for a wide variety of workpieces and machining situations. To support unique requirements for specific parts and materials, ESPRIT offers extensive user control of individual cutter movements. These stock-aware machining cycles consider the remaining stock, tool assembly, workholding, and the complete virtual machine to assure an optimized and collision-free toolpath.

Turning and part handling cycles for use on any class of CNC lathe, mill, or millturn
Combines milling, turning, and probing cycles into one program
Quickly produces efficient toolpaths for a wide variety of workpieces and machining situations
Extensive toolpath control supports unique requirements for special parts and materials

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