TICRA Tools – Seamless integration of antenna analysis and design tools

The TICRA Tools framework offers a range of products with a proven track record you can trust to accomplish your daily analysis and design optimisation tasks. The applications range from reflector antennas in GRASP over general antenna and scattering analysis in ESTEAM to feed horns and waveguide components in CHAMP 3D, as well as surfaces composed of frequency and polarization-sensitive materials in QUPES. POS is the tool for advanced payload antennas, while UQ augments the usual antenna design process with uncertainties on design parameters to get expected antenna performance and confidence intervals.

Optimisation of antennas and waveguide components in TICRA Tools

The TICRA Tools framework comes with built-in optimisation capabilities which allow the user to optimise the design of antennas and waveguide components based on a selection among five different and well-established optimisation algorithms to find the one most suited for your specific design problem.

Improved Computational Performance: Users experience faster computations and quicker responses for pattern grid operations across all TICRA Tools products with the introduction of binary output files for pattern grids.

Design Flexibility without External Tools: The new Boolean Scatterer class in GRASP, ESTEAM, CHAMP 3D, and QUPES allows for the creation of intricate geometries without relying on external CAD tools, offering enhanced design flexibility.

Simplified Waveguide Definition: CHAMP 3D users benefit from a more straightforward waveguide definition using the General Waveguide Device 2D Rim, which allows the introduction of waveguides using interior and outer rims.

Advanced Antenna Shaping Capabilities: POS users gain enhanced tools for shaping dual-reflector antennas with the introduction of a new class, providing more advanced options for antenna design and optimisation.

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Binary output files for pattern grids (All products)

A new HDF5 binary file format for pattern grid files is introduced. The data can be stored as single or double precision. Double-format files are 60% smaller than TICRA format, and single-format files are half the size of double-format ones. This format provides faster simulations and quicker responses when using the grid data, providing enhanced performance. Users can now plot results in grids as a function of parameters in parameter sweeps. The files are easily importable into Python or MATLAB.

TICRA Tools 23.0