GEO5 is an intuitive software suite providing a solution for the majority of geological & geotechnical tasks. From geological site investigation, subbase model creation up to a wide range of analyses such as slope stability, deep excavation, and tunnel.  GEO5 consists of a wide range of powerful programs based on analytical methods and the Finite Element Method.

This program computes basic earth pressures (active pressure, passive pressure and pressure at rest) acting upon an arbitrary shaped structure. The main features of GEO5 Earth Pressures program are:

Generally layered soil environment
Built-in database of soil parameters
Arbitrary number of surcharges applied to structures (strip, trapezoidal, concentrated load)
Modeling of water in front of and behind structures, modeling of artesian water
General shape of terrain behind the structure
Various earth pressure theories (Absi, Sokolovski, Müller-Breslau, Mazindrani, Caquot-Kérisel, Coulomb)
Shape of earth wedge (vertical, skew)
EN 1997 – option to choose partial factors based on National Annexes
EN 1997 – option to choose all design approaches, consider design situations
Analysis of earth pressures in effective and total parameters
Analysis of earth pressures of overconsolidated soils
Earthquake effects (Mononobe-Okabe, Arrango, Chinese standards)