FARO BuildIT Construction Software empowers construction professionals to continuously monitor projects with real-time comparisons against CAD/BIM designs and regional standards using 3D scan data.

BuildIT Construction is the first solution to provide building and facility project quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) management that allows you to facilitate AND accelerate:

Validation to Design
Tolerance Evaluation
Positioning & Monitoring

BuildIT Construction Features
Validation to Design Model
Visualize where the construction site deviates from design. Measure differences, plan accordingly and track progress — ensuring that buildings are constructed to exact model specifications.
Tolerance Evaluation
Embed tolerances into charts and highlight areas of the construction site that are out of agreed tolerances. Document these areas for immediate rework.
Continuous Data Synchronization
Minimize lost data, thanks to uninterrupted point cloud data sharing.
Liability Documentation
Digitally detect and document unexpected issues for transparent proof of construction progress.
Compliance with ASTM E1155, TR34 and DIN18202 Standard
Check concrete floor flatness and levelness against regional standards. With BuildIT Construction you can verify and document that any concrete structure you build matches local requirements anywhere in the world. Analyze the freshly poured concrete and scrap areas while concrete is wet. This ultimately saves you time and labor, reduces waste and allows the following trades to start their work earlier.
Incorrect Part Placement Detection
Identify improper placement and missing features such as walls, columns, beams and pipes. Assign issues to the related trades earlier, before clashes on-site delay the following trade work.
4D Analysis
Visualize shifts and movements within structural performance over time. By uncovering these earlier, your team gains time to plan actions that prevent collapses and cost less than rework at later stages with higher risks of failure.
Compatibility with Standard Design Files
BuildIT Construction is compatible with Autodesk® AutoCAD® (dwg and dxf versions 2.5-2020), Revit (2015-2020), IFC (2×3, 4), sat, iges, Parasolid and Step.
Customized Reports
Generate easy-to-read, complete reports that highlight the most relevant information. With this, your stakeholders can better understand the situation and plan next actions more precisely.
Project Virtual Design Templates
Use templates for prefabricated parts and assemblies, as well as equipment placement for factory layout and planning. Use BuildIT Construction with Tracer Laser Projectors and BuildIT Projector Software to automate the virtual templating workflow.