DesignBuilder cracked version is a user-friendly modeling environment where you can work (and play) with virtual building models. It provides a range of environmental performance data, such as energy consumption, carbon emissions, comfort conditions, sunlight intensity, maximum summer temperature, and HVAC component size., As a fully modular solution, DesignBuilder includes a core 3D modeler and 11 modules that work together to provide in-depth analysis for any building. Each module is fully integrated with its corresponding module, so you can choose a single module or choose our software package. Compared to v5, DesignBuilder v6 has added a lot of new features and improvements, including tools for batch data editing and views for displaying the construction and layout of glass systems in the model. Other highlights include CHP and Ice hot storage components, Uncertainties and Sensitivity analysis reports, and a new set of scalability tools that open DesignBuilder for plugins and scripts to access the DesignBuilder model.

DesignBuilder v7