Dragonfly is the Premier Software Platform for Scientific Image Processing

Powerful, flexible, and user-friendly, Dragonfly delivers quantitative answers for today’s most demanding 2D/3D/4D imaging studies, including data from correlative and hyperspectral imaging systems, X-ray, SEM, FIB-SEM, ion beam, and confocal microscopy, as well as other advanced applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Integrate data from multiple sources into a single environment.
  • Gain detailed insight into material structures and properties with interactive inspection tools and robust quantification workflows.
  • Post-processing functions that include data restructuring, filtering, volume and slice registration, image stitching.
  • CT Reconstruction module for cone and parallel beam projections.
  • Powerful segmentation tools to accurately label image features.
  • Meet image enhancement and segmentation challenges with Dragonfly’s Deep Learning solutions.
  • Share your findings with fully annotated screenshots and tell dynamic stories with easy-to-produce animated sequences.
  • Automate your 3D analysis workflows with easy-to-author macros.
  • Application specific extensions tailored to particular needs.
  • Dragonfly 2022