RealWorks 2024.00

These Release Notes describe the new features and changes available in this release of the Trimble RealWorks software. Alternatively, you can download these release notes as a PDF file.
New features and enhancements
Magic wand in segmentation

A new innovative Magic Wand fence mode has been added: simply define a region by single left click and extend it if needed by additional clicks. Exclude unwanted areas using Shift + left click.
Segmentation performance

The processing time in the segmentation tool has been greatly improved.
Registration Report (Scan-based) and Refine Registration using TZF Scans

The accuracy of the overlap computation between TZF scans has been improved. As a result, when doing Registration Report (Scan-based) or Refine Registration using Scans, the links between stations are now more reliable.

Completely separate scans now show no or very low overlap – e.g., indoor scans acquired in separate rooms with no common parts.
Annotations in Trimble Scan Explorer

The annotations generated in Trimble Perspective and Trimble RealWorks that are associated with a station can now be displayed in Trimble Scan Explorer. Share your annotations with others by using Media>Sharing>Publish.
Auto-Segment commands (moving objects, steel beams)

Improved graphic card compatibility and stability in Auto-Segment Moving objects and Auto-Segment Steel Beams. Performances have been improved on recent NVIDIA graphics cards.
Inspection Map CSV export

The Inspection Map can be exported as a CSV file containing the Inspection Map values of each cell.
Direct Panorama Export

The Export with Location and Orientation command now exports a 2:1 ratio panorama file using the full camera resolution available in the scanner.
Tank Secondary Containment with multiple tanks

The Tank Secondary Containment tool now supports multiple storage tanks belonging to the same basin.
Trimble Scan Explorer: view using images

For low resolution scans the True Color mode is now displaying the panorama files at the full camera resolution available in the scanner.
Display shortcuts

New shortcuts have been added to show/hide geometries or cloud only:

View only this: Ctrl+W

Display / Hide cloud: Ctrl+E / Alt+E

Display / Hide geometry: Ctrl+R / Alt+R
Segmentation shortcuts

New shortcuts have been added to switch between segmentation modes:

Polygon: Shift + X

Rectangle: Shift + S

Circle: Shift + C

Magic Wand: Shift + W
Zoom Extents option

Zoom Extents on double click can be enabled or disabled in the preferences.
Station 3D markers size

Station triangles now have their size adjusted according to the distance to the viewpoint in perspective mode, like in Trimble Perspective.
Auto-extract target speed

Extraction speed is twice as fast as previous. Progress bar added for target detection and target creation, utilizing 100% CPU usage for creation.
Resolved issues

Unloading Unused Memory Blocks: fixed application performance degradation.

Target-Based Registration: fixed issue where stations could become inverted in the Z-axis.

Georeferencing: unused TopoPoints were moved by georeferencing tool.

Match Target: command added to the targets contextual menu.

Auto-Segment: fixed wrong behavior where the whole scan is set as ‘moving object’.

Auto-Segment: fixed GPU compatibility issues and improved stability after using Auto-Segment commands.

Create Pipe: when using Ctrl + Click to generate the first pipe element, the second click was incorrect.

Create Pipe: improved stability when entering the tool with a modeled pipe containing valves and flanges.

Create Cable Tray: improved stability when using 3D manipulators.

Create Cable Tray: fixed issue when trying to extend or connect segments.

Project Management: time reductions to open large projects or expand large scan groups.

Zoom on Selection: fixed error when selection contains a group containing only clouds.

Zoom Extents: in a multi project session, after closing one of the projects the zoom extents was incorrect.

Sampling: split per station was not persistent.

Colorization: fixed colorization generating blurry areas for panorama files (X7, X9 scans).

X7 colorization.

Create Mesh: when using Station-Based projection, fixed scanner identification for X7 data.

License Manager: resolved potential error when selecting subscription license.

License Manager: fixed crash resulting from computer sleep and subscription license.

Import Image: imported images were using the original files while the project was not saved.

Import: fixed failing import of structured files stored in the drive root.

Export Station Positions to CSV File: North and East coordinates when exchanged when using NEEL convention.

LAS Export: the export is now faster.

E57 Export: in Trimble Scan Explorer, the generated files are named according to their station of origin.

PTX Export: export one station per file.

Tank Secondary Containment: fixed inability to hide tank.

Ortho-Projection: fixed instabilities after segmenting the point cloud.

Publisher: area scans were cropped when you published a project with a reduced size.

Object Name: when the mouse was over the 3D space, the N key was not usable to name or rename an object.

Capture Screen: incorrect zoom when the viewer is resized to be taller than wider.

SketchUp Export: fixed wrong error message when exporting data to SketchUp 2023.

Display: fixed question marks in digit display in 3D.

Display: fixed the point cloud display when the cloud contains a single point.