PV Elite is a complete solution for vessel and heat exchanger design, analysis and evaluation. The program is easy to learn and use so it is perfect for users requiring fast start-up and confidence in their safety code calculations. PV Elite considers the whole vessel, addressing all of the wall thickness rules and stress analysis requirements for vertical towers, horizontal vessels and heat exchangers. It also evaluates and re-rates existing vessels, including Fitness for Service analysis.

PVElite is a powerful, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use ASME Pressure Vessel (Vertical/Horizontal Vessels, Heat Exchangers and Tall Towers) design & analysis software. It is capable of multi-case design considering different combinations of loads such as weight, pressure, temperature, wind loads and seismic loads.

Product Details

PVELITE Pressure Vessel Design Software

PVElite takes advantage of the familiar Windows interface, designed for quick and easy installation and easy-to-use dialogue boxes. In addition, PVelite’s user-definable features allow the user to organise their visual information in accordance with their own working needs.PVElite makes it easy to build vessel models. Users can build a variety of complete device models by clicking on the main device components and stitching them together. Users can add detailed ancillary components to the equipment elements, such as receivers, reinforcing rings, ladder platforms, supports (saddles, lugs, legs) …… and more. The model is displayed with 3D and 2D areas to express the detailed form and orientation of the connections between the components. Users can click directly on components to get input information for input and modification.Other features of PVelite include a toolbar and a design information assisted pre-calculation status bar, which allows the user to move the toolbar anywhere on the screen to get the most appropriate window layout. The design information assisted pre-calculation status bar will instantly display the minimum thickness of the specified component for both internal and external pressures, the vertical height, MAWP & MAPNC , ensuring that the user has the most accurate information available. MAPNC…… ensures that the user is always aware of the impact of changes in design parameters on the calculation results.

EXFO pvelite Pressure Vessel Design Software

Standards and applications

The following standard codes are built into the software


Other Internationally Used Load Design Standards and Codes

ASCE7-MinimumDesignLoadsforBuildings&Otherstructures,UniformBuildingCode,Indianstandard(forWindandSeismicload),ASME/ ANSIB16.5-PipeFlangesandFlangedFittings, IS-875, ASCE-98/02/05/IBC, Mexico, As/Nz1170, EuroCode, BrazilNBR6123, ChinaGB50009, IBC2006,NationalBuildingCodeofCanadaNBC,EN,InternationalBuildingCodeIBC2009,PDVSA,ChileNCh2369,CostaRica2002,ChinaGB50011

Hexago PV Elite 26
Hexago PV Elite 26