Teledyne PDS is a multipurpose software platform that supports a wide range of tasks within Hydrography, Dredge Guidance, Construction Support, Search & Recovery Operations and Port Entrance Monitoring.

Teledyne PDS is of-the-shelf software and developed to solve the challenges that arises from each specific task in the main business areas served by Teledyne Marine. Teledyne PDS interfaces with a wide range of sensors like Lidar, Multibeam and Singlebeam Echosounders, and is an optimal tool for interfacing to a variety of periphery sensors like dredge and construction sensors, sound velocity mesurements, positioning, motion systems and most other devices that can output data.

The software is designed to be used in the maritime world with an intuitive user interface that is eay to learn. With Teledyne PDS you only need one software suite to collect, process and deliver data with in the same workflow.

Teledyne PDS supports a wide range of takes within:

• Hydrography

• Dredge Guidance

• Construction Support

• Search & Recovery

• Operations and Port Entrance Monitoring

Teledyne PDS