Xchanger Suite—considered to be the most advanced thermal process design and simulation software—rates, simulates, and/or designs a variety of heat transfer equipment. HTRI’s calculation methods are backed by over half a century of applied research and data collected on industrially relevant heat transfer equipment. Based on the results of this ongoing effort, we update our methods to meet your evolving engineering needs.

What’s new with Version 9.2.1?

Changes in this release include

  • new circulation boiling models for kettle reboilers
  • new tubeside falling film methods from BT-41, BT-42, and BT-43
  • new heat transfer/pressure drop methods for tubeside non-Newtonian flow in Xist®
  • updated methods for downflow tubeside condensation pressure drop
  • calculation and report of stream and exchanger availability for shell-and-tube and air-cooler modules when required fluid properties are specified
HTRI Xchanger 9.2.1
HTRI Xchanger 9.2.1