KAPPA is the leading provider of Dynamic Data Analysis software, training and consulting services. Data are analysed on whatever scale is available, from high frequency, high resolution transient data through low frequency, low resolution rate data in production analysis and on into full field history matching and vertical description using production log and formation test analysis. Generation 5 speeds workflows, connectivity and provides a powerful platform for the future and automation.

KAPPA-Workstation is an integrated engineering suite which offers analysis and modeling tools for reservoir dynamic data. Our clients told us to ‘think open and think big…’ For this reason, Generation 5 is fully 64-bit, it uses parallel processing for today’s multicore processors and data is fully integrated between KAPPA modules and other programs via OpenServer.

Permanent Gauges are a wonderful, data-rich witness of reservoir behavior, but without organization they only add to the end-user feeling of data overload.

KAPPA-Server addresses the issue of capturing massive Permanent Gauges data in a useable, smart-filtered form for transient/production analysis and history matching.

Extensive global deployment
Unlimited gauge and data capability
Seamless connection to KAPPA-Workstation analysis modules
Mathpack, alarms and auto-update
Automatic buildup identification and rate allocation
Smart filtering and de-noising
Shared data, object and analysis environment
Export for P10/P50/P90 forecasts

Kappa workstation