Studio RM is the latest resource modeling and valuation system released by Datamine. The Studio series has been developed and updated for over 30 years, combined with the latest designed user interface, providing operators with simple and intuitive operations, and further enhancing the various interactive operating experiences of 3D modeling.

Studio RM inherits the various advantages of Datamine’s previous resource processing systems, using widely recognized geostatistical valuation methods, and introducing international cutting-edge resource model processing modules such as advanced geostatistics and conditional simulation. The RM valuation results comply with multiple international standards, such as JORC, SAMREC, NI 43-101, Guide 7, etc.

Studio RM Pro is a single software solution that comprises two market leading geological modelling and geostatistical software products, enabling a resource geologist to carry out complex resource estimation work. It includes Studio RM with Advanced Estimation and Supervisor.

With geological and resource modelling from Studio RM, including faster estimation and advanced techniques from advanced estimation, and intuitive geostatistical techniques from Supervisor, all of your geological, resource and geostatistical requirements are covered with one solution.

Datamine Studio RM v2.0.66.0