FLOW-3D CAST is a state-of-the-art metal casting simulation modeling platform that combines extraordinarily accurate modeling with versatility, ease of use, and high performance cloud computing capabilities. For every metal casting process, FLOW-3D CAST has a workspace ready to put you on a quick, intuitive path to modeling success. With 11 process workspaces, powerful post-processing, pioneering filling and solidification and defect analysis, FLOW-3D CAST delivers both the tools and roadmap for designing optimal casting solutions.

What’s New in FLOW-3D CAST 2023R2
New results file format
We introduced an all-new results file format based on the EXODUS II format, enabling faster postprocessing in FLOW-3D CAST and FLOW-3D POST 2023R2. This new file format significantly reduces the time spent on postprocessing tasks for large, complex simulations (up to 5x on average!) while improving connectivity with other visualization tools. Users now have the choice to write Selected data in either flsgrf, EXODUS II, or both flsgrf and EXODUS II file formats. The new EXODUS II file format utilizes finite element meshes for each object, which allows users to also open FLOW-3D CAST results with other compatible postprocessors and FEA codes. With the new workflow, users can visualize large, complex cases quickly and extract auxiliary information using arbitrary slicing, volume renders, and statistics. The new results file format boasts a remarkable speed-up in visualization workflows compared to flsgrf without sacrificing the performance of the solver engine.
Surface LIC in FLOW-3D POST
Example of the new EXODUS II file format and Surface LIC representation in FLOW-3D POST
This exciting new development provides users a seamless simulation experience with improved speed and flexibility in results analysis. Learn more about the new visualization capabilities in FLOW-3D POST.
Hydrostatic pressure initialization
It is often necessary for users to initialize hydrostatic pressure in pre-defined metal regions. In large, complex simulations, the hydrostatic pressure solver can sometimes be slow to converge. FLOW-3D CAST 2023R2 brings a significant performance improvement to the hydrostatic solver, enabling it to converge up to ~6x faster during the preprocessing stage.
New Thermal Die Cycling (TDC) model