Sima 4.6 was recently officially released together with Sintef Ocean to actively respond to the needs of users and the market. In this version we focus on the improvements of the industry segments for offshore wind (OWT), aquaculture and other offshore structures; user friendliness in model definition, result post-processing and help system; the update of user scripting and batch run module, etc. The new time domain VIV model will address important limitations in present frequency domain VIV tools.

Industry segments updates: enhancements in the analysis of OWT, Aquaculture and others
User friendliness​: improved user experience, new Help system and more examples​
Scripting and batch run​: JSON, Python Library and Sima Runtime Engine
Time-domain VIV​: background and theory, industry applications

Sima software – key benefits:

  • Include any number of separate bodies in the simulations
  • Slender structure modelling of mooring lines, risers, tendons, jumpers, buoys and flexible joints
  • Choose between fully dynamic and simplified catenary model for mooring lines and risers
  • Modelling of thrusters and DP (dynamic positioning) systems
  • Hydrodynamic coefficients read in from HydroD
  • Regular or irregular waves with current, swell and wind
  • Static analysis and calculation of line forces/moments, curvature and displacements
  • Time domain dynamic analysis with time series output of results
  • ULS Code checks for metallic risers according to DNVGL-ST-F201 and ISO 13628-7
  • Combined loading results including 3D contour plots and 2D graphs of code utilization factors along the riser
  • 3D animation of vessel and line displacements
  • Data export to Sesam structural analysis modules for detailed finite element analysis of the floater

Analysis of floating offshore wind turbines (FOWTs)

The coupled analysis in Sima software has been extended to handle floating offshore wind turbines. Additional, new FOWT-specific features include:

  • Modelling of offshore wind turbines blades
  • Wind load models
  • Wind turbine modelling, including control system
  • The wind turbine blades and the tower can be flexible

Marine operations software

Sima software is a complete tool for simulation of marine operations from modelling to results, built on software for dynamic analysis. Both 3D and 2D graphics make understanding the results fast and intuitive.

Visual simulation of the engineering calculations of marine operation, feasibility evaluation, distinguishing challenging tasks from the less challenging, preparation for the actual operation, familiarization and cross-disciplinary communication are all included in Sima software. In addition, Sima software provides decision support during actual operation, including online monitoring, visibility and ‘what-if’ analysis, offering state-of-the-art risk management.

Typical applications of Sima software:

  • Lifting of topsides and modules
  • Lifting and installation of subsea equipment (templates, pipelines, flexible risers)
  • Floatover installation/removal of topsides
  • Load-out from quay to barge
  • Offshore wind turbine installation
  • Offloading (tankers in tandem or side-by-side)
  • Offshore crane operations
  • Subsea installation (e.g. subsea templates)
  • Jacket/deck lift installation and removal (floatover)
  • Transportation (towing) of TLP Installation of TLP and GBS by e.g. tugs
  • Up-ending of spar buoy
  • Towing