Our 3D modeling and design functionalities are the most powerful in the industry, making design process the best it can be. We’ve spent over 30 years combining our comprehensive ship design knowledge and extensive technical capabilities to ensure that the vessels you design are safe, competitive and maximize performance. Built-in development and customizable capabilities enable users to automate repetitive tasks and include user-specific ship design know-how into the system.

Proven benefits of the NAPA 3D model
Design efficiency
The NAPA product model enables a single source for design information which ensures that the data is always up to date, enabling reliable results in analysis
NAPA has been specifically designed to support naval architecture and has proven to be the fastest system for 3D product modeling in the industry
Decades of experience and expertise have gone into creating a complete design package that customers trust to handle any project

Trusted results. Earlier.
Using a purpose-designed 3D model ensures more accurate results in earlier design stages
NAPA excels in design change and automation. Our customers can optimize their designs to completely new level compared to other ways of working
Shipbuilding is governed by a complex web of rules and regulations. It is in the core of NAPA’s business to ensure that the support for relevant rules is available and up-to-date
NAPA can provide analysis of collected data for ship operation, which means naval architects can create designs that better fits the real-life usage of the vessel

Better quality with 3D design
Organizing design information in a single 3D model ensures that the quality of the design is higher as human error can be avoided, especially in design changes
Reliable information sharing between stakeholders in the shipbuilding project streamlines the iteration process towards a successful end-product

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