DEFORM-3D is a powerful process simulation system designed to analyze the three-dimensional (3D) flow of complex metal forming processes. DEFORM-3D is a practical and efficient tool to predict the material flow in industrial forming operations without the cost and delay of shop trials. Typical applications include:

– closed die forging – open die forging –
– machining – rolling – extrusion – heading –
– drawing – cogging – compaction – upsetting –

DEFORM-3D is an ‘open system’ that provides incredible flexibility to designers and analysts working on a range of applications, development and research. DEFORM-3D supports user routines and user defined variables. Complex multiple deforming body capability with arbitrary contact allows users to simulate mechanical joining and coupled die stress analysis.

Based on the finite element method, DEFORM has proven to be accurate and robust in industrial application for more than two decades. The simulation engine is capable of predicting large deformation material flow and thermal behavior with astonishing precision. DEFORM is the most widely used simulation program in the world by leading research institutes and manufacturers. See our product information for additional details.

DEFORM 3D 13.1