Fledermaus 8.6.1 Release
In this release, we introduce the Fledermaus Offshore License, a new product that provides additional analytical functionality to increase their situational awareness for Offshore projects: free span pipe/cable analysis, bend radius of pipe/cable planning and or reviews for a route, scour/siltation scenes and modelling with our multi-dynamic profiling capabilities. This release also comes along with many improvements and fixes for the entire user base on the regular Fledermaus License level.

Tracked Object, this is a new Fledermaus object type that allows you to connect to a live navigation stream and optionally anchor the camera view to actual object (vessel, or mobile object) location.

Image Series Object allows you to load a series of time tagged imagery to the 4D scene, and display them over time, create a single geoimage from the collection and see the synchronized and independent views in the 4D scene.

Route Planner tool, create a route, provide angle/bend solutions, provide radius options for pipe/cable planning and installations, allowing you to lock the exaggeration, create pipeline objects from the solution(s) found and select as an active route, once route object is created.

Dynamic profiling, while introduced in prior versions, improvements to the dynamic profiling are part of this version to enhance support analytical workflows with the pipeline/cable objects, cross-profiling options (by hand, or calculated), display pipeline/cable in the cross-profile plot and measure, enhanced measurement information, and support of multilayer profiles for surfaces.

QPS Fledermaus 8.6.1