SonarWiz shallow section/side scan acquisition and post-processing software from Chesapeake

Data post-processing

A comprehensive signal processing and gain control option designed specifically for shallow profile data, including navigation data editing or insertion for ocean surveys, distance correction adjustment, tidal level correction, data removal of swells, and other functions. It is convenient to perform gain and filter control, vertical offset calibration, and benchmark adjustment on the entire survey voyage, and export the corrected data into a new SEGY file or other formats supported by third-party shallow profiling or GIS software.

Data interpretation and visualization

Quickly digitize and classify acoustic data using intelligent reflection tracking. Use new multi target recognition tools to differentiate the underlying layers. Compare cross sections directly in the digital conversion window or the quickly established 3D vertical section window. Mark the profile data using drilling records to assist in interpretation, and divide the identified bottom layer into equal thickness lines and volume calculations. It is very convenient to generate regional 3D imaging. Customize report generation for post processing results and export corrected data to SEGY or other supported GIS or CAD formats.

Sonar interface support

Analog16 bit or 24 bit system (with Analog Box); EdgeTech 3100/3200; Falmouth Scientific ChirpCeiver; Geoacoustics GeoPulse; Innomar SES-2000; Klein 3000; Knudson SB; SyQwest Stratobox, Hydrobox, Bathy2010; Teledyne Odom 1625, Chip III, Echotrac CVM, Echotrac E20

Sonarwiz 7.12.0