Urbano Hydra is a software for design of water distribution networks. It is irreplaceable in all phases of the project, from conceptual to detailed design. It enables easy input of geodesy and GIS data and offers modern tools for route setting and pipeline invert design.

Thanks to the dynamic model, it is very easy to make changes in plan that are automatically updated in the tables, longitudinal and cross sections and vice versa. Integrated catalogs of pipes, manholes, fittings and other elements make work easier and the catalogs are open for modifications and the addition of new elements.

A special set of calculation tools is also available, which enable the assignment of water demands, hydraulic calculation and pipe diameter optimization of water distribution network, as well as the analysis of the network over a certain period of time.

There are also various functions available for network analysis and review, element filtering according to various criteria, graphical display of data (thematic maps), plan styles, editing and renaming functions. Some of the advanced features include intersection analysis with other infrastructure, data definition for trenches and calculation of excavation quantities, various types of reports, definition and assignment of user data, saving of selection sets and much more

urbano 11 for autocad