LDRA Testbed together with TBvision provide static and dynamic analysis, along with visualizations, to easily understand and navigate standards compliance, quality metrics, and code coverage analyses.

What are LDRA Testbed and TBvision?
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What are LDRA Testbed and TBvision?
Static analysis is a generic term that includes any validation and verification (V&V) technique based on an automated “inspection” of the source code. Conversely, dynamic analysis includes any V&V technique that involves the execution of some or all of the code base.

The LDRA Testbed component of the LDRA tool suite provides the core static analysis and dynamic analysis engines for the other components. LDRA Testbed includes a proprietary parsing engine rather than a commercial or open-source parsing engine. This proprietary technology enables LDRA to quickly and easily incorporate new analysis techniques required to meet new and evolving standards, keeping the LDRA tool suite at the forefront of technology.

The TBvision component of the LDRA tool suite allows users to visualize coding standard violations and software flaws in the context of the original source code. The interactive environment, enabling the execution of both static and dynamic analysis on a user-defined scope, allows switching between reported violations, the original source code and any of the LDRA Testbed supported coding standards. Software integrity can also be measured and reported in terms of quality and security, or the simple presence of defects (including dynamic memory errors). TBvision presents the identified software flaws from any of these perspectives and identifies the issues that need to be addressed to ensure that a software project meets its objectives.

Static analysis techniques include coding standards compliance, checking for violations of coding rules that results in code that is difficult to understand and test, contains functional errors, and contains security vulnerabilities.

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