The MAK ONE Multi-Domain Computer Generated Forces
Fill your synthetic environment with urban, battlefield, maritime, air, and space activity using this powerful and flexible computer-generated forces platform.​
VR-Forces simulates the full range of domains that coexist as the whole earth – from the ocean floor to the elliptical orbits around our planet. Simulate your entities, their relationships to one another, the terrains they live on, the localized weather systems and the environmental effectors to meet your simulation needs.

Build complex scenarios, monitor and control multiple entities with ease.
Easily drag and drop your forces, create routes and waypoints and build entity or unit plans with a few clicks.

Then monitor and control multiple air, ground, maritime and space assets at the same time within highly complex operational environments.

Proudly Built by Simulation Experts.
With a unique modular design like no other, the sim engine is a separate module from the interface! This unique approach gives agility and flexibility to each training system that joins the simulation environment.

Our customers gain superior flexibility to scale, customize, and build high performance, high efficiency entity or aggregate level systems.

VR-Forces v5.0