Product Overview

Helix QAC is a product of Perforce Company (formerly PRQA Company), mainly used for automated static analysis of C/C++code. It can provide coding rules and information security related checks, code quality measurement, software structure analysis, test result management, and other functions. Helix QAC is able to accurately identify potential issues in software and is certified to the ISO 26262 functional safety standard. Suitable for the field of autonomous driving, it can ensure the quality of embedded software and improve its ability to defend against hacker attacks. The main modules of Helix QAC are QAC/QAC++, Dashboard (formerly QA Verify), and commonly used industry rule packs (such as MISRA C: 2012, MISRA C++: 2008, AUTOSAR C++, CERT, CWE, etc.).

major function

·Programming rules with multiple types and wide coverage

QAC/QAC++supports multiple new programming standards (MISRA C: 2012, AUTOSAR C++, CERT, CWE, etc.) and various other industry programming rules. QAC/QAC++can detect over 1900 C language issues and over 1400 C++issues, involving aspects such as compilation link errors, language specification violations, potential uncertain behavior, and unsafe data type conversions.

·Automatically check programming rules

Add the files to be analyzed in the tool, configure the corresponding environment, and run them all at once. It is fast, easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to get started.

·Friendly Help System

When checking for errors in the analysis results, if you do not understand the prompted content, you can double-click the error to enter the help system. In addition to providing a description of the error, the help system in most cases provides example programs that can help understand the cause of the error and modify one’s own code based on the examples.

·Provide analysis of software structure

It can analyze the structure of software, including the inclusion relationship between files, the call relationship between functions, and the structure of the functions themselves.

·Provide quality analysis of software

Use international standard software quality measurement methods and metrics to evaluate customer code quality. Provide more than 60 indicators for evaluation, allowing customers to easily switch between each indicator.

·Customized report

Fixed template report generation can be achieved, and report content can also be customized according to user needs. Support for exporting PDF and HTML reports.

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