Simerics MP: Full field fluid application simulation software

Simerics-MP has core 3D CFD computing capabilities and physical models, enabling accurate simulation of various fluid application problems, including single-phase/multiphase flow, turbulence, cavitation/gasification, heat conduction/mass transfer, particle, fluid solid coupling, and multi-component mixing. Simerics MP is embedded with the most complete physical model, which can achieve rapid generation, simulation, and accurate prediction of fluid models. In the case of MPI (Multi Machine Distributed) parallelism, higher solving speed can also be achieved. At the same time, the software can also establish and reflect the details of complex models at the micro scale.

(2) Simerics MP+: Advanced Industry Application Simulation Software

On the basis of possessing all the functions of Simerics MP, Simerics MP+has added many advanced application modules, including integrated setting processes, automatic mesh generation and re division for moving parts, and data customization. At the same time, all modules of Simerics MP+contain specific simulation templates for various industry applications, which can cover professional issues in various fields. The various application directions are as follows:

Simerics MP+for Marine: For applications in the shipbuilding industry

Simerics MP+for Vehicle: For automotive applications

Simerics MP+for Turbo: For applications in the field of turbomachinery

Simerics MP+for PD: For applications in the field of displacement machinery

Simerics MP+for Valves: For valve applications

Simerics MP+for Systems: For applications in the field of system simulation

PumpLinx: For applications in the field of rotating machinery

(3) Integration with CAD software: Simerics’ advanced CFD simulation analysis function was embedded into parameterized CAD tools, resulting in the development of corresponding software products, as follows:

Orca 3D Marine CFD: Integration with professional design software Orca 3D in the shipbuilding field

Cero Flow Analysis: Integration with PTC’s design software Cero

Simerics MP for Solidworks: Integration with Dassault’s design software Solidworks

Simerics MP 6