Support for Visual Studio Code
You can now leverage Jtest’s static analysis and coverage display capabilities in Visual Studio Code IDE. Jtest ships with an extension for Visual Studio Code, which allows you to run static code analysis, integrate with DTP to publish and download static analysis results, review the code coverage results directly in the IDE, and more. See Extension for Visual Studio Code for details.

The Jtest extension for Visual Studio Code is available at the Visual Studio Code Marketplace. Visit for the most recent updates.

Code Coverage Enhancements
Jtest includes a new standalone coverage tool (jtestcov) with extended capabilities for creating coverage reports that can be easily incorporated into different testing flows.
QA teams can now measure code coverage for their applications without needing access to source code. jtestcov can be used to scan application binaries and create a report containing the scope of testable code in the application, as well as create reports containing the runtime coverage data collected by the Jtest coverage agent. These reports can be uploaded to Parasoft DTP, which aggregates the coverage data to provide a comprehensive overview of your application’s coverage metrics.
Teams can use the test impact analysis capability of jtestcov to calculate the specific set of tests that they must run to validate just the code that changed in a new version of their application.
jtestcov enables simplified coverage workflows. Runtime coverage reports can now be created and uploaded to Parasoft DTP independently of the static coverage file produced by analyzing source code (see Generating the Monitor Package). Additional configuration and usability enhancements simplify workflows for setting up coverage and test impact analysis configuration for applications.
For additional details about the new capabilities and jtestcov usage, see Application Coverage.
Unit Test Assistant Enhancements
Automatic generation of unit tests inside the IDE based on latest code changes has been introduced. You can now easily create tests for just the changed code. When you select a project or package, Jtest automatically detects the changed classes and generates relevant tests.
The Impacted Unit Tests view has been enhanced: an icon has been added to indicate that a test is new, and all new tests which are added locally are displayed in the view, regardless of whether coverage data is present. See Test Impact Analysis.
Support for Mockito 4.11 has been added.
New and Updated Test Configurations
The Security Compliance Pack has been extended by adding support for the following test configurations:

CWE 4.10
The following test configurations have been updated:

CWE Top 25 + On the Cusp 2022
UL 2900
Recommended Rules
Flow Analysis Fast
Flow Analysis Standard
Flow Analysis Aggressive