Dlubal’s structural analysis software RFEM 6 forms the foundation of the modular program series, allowing you to choose and combine according to your own needs. In the RFEM main program, you can define the structure, materials, and loads of planar and spatial structural systems composed of plates, walls, shells, and members. In addition, you can also create composite structures and model solid and contact units.

RFEM provides calculations for deformation, internal forces, stresses, support forces, and foundation stresses. The load guide makes it easier for you to apply wind, snow, and other environmental impacts. By using modules directly integrated into the program, you can easily conduct further analysis and design based on various standards (such as reinforced concrete structures, steel structures, and wooden structures)

Structural Analysis & Engineering Software
The FEA software RFEM allows you to quickly and easily model as well as perform the structural and dynamic analysis and design of models with member, plate, wall, folded plate, shell, and solid elements.

Dlubal RFEM 6.0.4