The latest version of Scias structural analysis and design software provides functionality that transcends the traditional boundaries of 3D structural analysis software by integrating engineering design workflows and even customizing modifications.

SCIA engineers are multi material structural analysis and design software for all types of projects.

It can be used to design steel, cement, wood, aluminum, steel concrete composite structures and applications around the world thanks to the integration of numerous international building codes.
In addition to advanced finite element calculation and code compatible design, it features integrated modeling tools, communication with third-party applications (BIMs), easy reporting and preparation of drawings, i.e. automated overall layout data.

What makes SCIA engineers integrate modeling, analysis, design, and automation of GA drawings from existing CAE programs on an open platform, BIM.

The main functions of SCIA engineers

-Use your design skills and technical know-how globally

-Integrate your design process to reduce your investment

-Simplify collaboration within BIM design teams

-Find new challenges in your field

-Make your design environment and economy

– Accelerated design
Deliver accurate, economical and clearly documented design with minimum effort thanks to new functions like automated design of practical reinforcement in concrete beams, enhanced optimisation for studs in composite floors, camber in design of steel members, etc.
– Improved understanding of the structure
Have full control over your structure and understand its response using analysis of masonry walls with contact elements, integration members for shear walls or bridges, absence for simulation of constructions stages, stiffness modifiers, extended display options for results, etc.
– Optimisation with parametric design
Move your work to a next level with the parametric design capabilities of SCIA Engineer. Take the advantage of the updated XML interface or a brand-new Open API to build your own solution to deliver the most economical, eye-pleasing variant of the project fast and with minimum of manual work.

Nemetschek SCIA Engineer 2023