WAsP Suite is a powerful and standard software suite that is used in the fields of evaluating wind energy sources, locating and finding suitable locations for establishing wind farms, calculating farm yields and various wind farms. With the help of this software, the performance of turbines and power plants can be checked in advance and prepared for the final implementation of the project. This software is completely flexible and supports different types of power plants and different places to establish wind energy farms.

WAsP Suite Applications

Approximate calculation of energy efficiency generated by single turbines and wind farms

  • Calculate wind farm efficiency
  • Mapping wind sources and wind directions
  • Design and simulation of wind farms in different regions and specific geographical and environmental conditions
  • Simulation of offshore wind farms
  • Accurate calculation of different wind and storm conditions and parameters in different areas

WAsP12 Release Notes
WAsP Suite – What’s new?
WAsP 12.8.32 (Suite release 2023-A-8)

WAsP Engineering can again export files for WAT
Out of memory errors for extremely large resource grids are now correctly described
Program no longer stalls for a couple of seconds when a GWC window is first opened
Scripts are now fully adjusted to work with new GWC format
The GWC extrapolator utility program works again

wasp suite v12