WellCAD is a powerful universal drilling data toolbox that uses professional solutions that will quickly process wellbore data for users. Its functions are comprehensive and powerful, effectively improving your work efficiency while avoiding unnecessary errors and risks! The use of WellCAD allows for rapid data loading of related drilling, well site, core, and logging data, coupled with powerful log editing, analysis, and presentation workflows, providing a modular representation structure and more advanced modules to effectively assist in processing and interpreting wellbore data. Basic WellCAD ™ The version 5.4 software package includes the WellCAD Reader and Crossplot modules, and includes all the functions and tools required to import, edit, process, and display Well data. The software comes with a set of templates, titles, and dictionaries customized for specific applications. You can easily modify existing or create your own.

Processing an Analysis modules:

Image & Structure Interpretation (ISI) workspace for image processing.
FWS (Full Waveform Sonic) Module for Sonic log processing, semblance, CBL, etc.
Multiwell Module for fence diagrams, log cross-sections, etc.
Deviation Module for 3D deviation plots.
CoreCAD for wellsite logging of cuttings and drill bit returns.
LIS/DLIS Import-Export Module for Schlumberer data import & export.
Automation Module for enhanced data processing.
WellCAD Browser Module for real-time logging into WellCAD Window.

wellcad 5.7